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Personal Training 

Hoop Avenues  provides a multitude of training programs for not only athletes, but for people from all walks of life. We take pride in meeting you  where you are in your fitness journey, crafting programs that cater to your specific needs on schedule that works for you! 

Highlighted Services:

Image by Greg Rosenke
Special: $300/month unlimited personal training (personalized Plan)  
"Great professional trainer who customizes workouts to your personal goals.  I have had the privilege to train with Nibra for 15+ years! He's simply the best."
"I have been training with Nibra White for over 12 years.  During that time he has helped me evolve from two hour Half-Marathons to several 1:40's (in my 50's), to the next phase of my life (my 60's) and future athletic endeavors.  He cares about my fitness goals and creates workouts with those in mind.  Nibra has become a good friend and confidant and understands the psychological benefits of being fit."
"I started training with Nibra about 10 years ago. He pulled me out of a fitness rut by creating interesting, challenging, and fun workouts. I highly recommend Nibra if you are looking to mix up your fitness routine and improve your strength and stamina."

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